Giant's Composite Confidence Program

Giant's  Composite Confidence Program

We've long touted Giant's carbon bikes as some of the strongest on the market. Now, Giant is backing its composite technology in a way that no other bicycle manufacturer has before.

What is Composite Confidence?
Although it may sound similar to a warranty, it is not. Giant offers a lifetime warranty on all bikes, which applies only to manufacturer defect. The Composite Confidence customer support program goes beyond that. If any structural damage is sustained to a 2019 or newer Giant or Liv carbon frame, fork, or component, while you're riding it, it's covered.
Repairing carbon can cost hundreds of dollars. Replacing your frame or entire bike can costs thousands. Even replacing a carbon wheel or handlebar can be a significant, unexpected expense. That's why if you're a racer, mountain biker, or simply someone who just can't afford to replace your bike in the event of an accident, we view Giant as the no-brainer choice for your next bike or carbon-anything upgrade. No other company in the industry is offering this level of protection for their products!
Of course, even the most comprehensive plans must have their limits! Composite Confidence does not cover damages that occur due to transport, storage, theft, etc. You must have been riding your bike (or falling off of your bike) for it to qualify. So you must still be sure to take your bike off the roof rack before pulling into the garage! Only 2019+ models purchased at authorized U.S. Giant and Liv dealers qualify, and coverage only applies to the original owner. 
Since beginning our relationship with Giant several years ago, we've seen very few of their bikes sustain structural damage, which has left us quite impressed with the strength and quality of their products. We're thrilled to be able to offer this level of protection to our customers as an extension of an already great line of bicycles and components. For more information on Giant's Composite Confidence Program, head over to their site. 


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