Mechanical Services

Prices listed are for labor cost only; parts are additional cost.

Service done with customer supplied parts $150/hour

Bikes too dirty to service will be charged a $50/hour cleaning fee before any service will be completed.


Tuneup Packages

Level 1 Tuneup $80
Level 1 tuneup includes securing and adjustment of brakes, derailleurs, and shifters; minor wheel true; wipe down of frame; lubrication of chain, cables, and pivot points; and tires inflated.  Also includes test ride and safety check.  No added labor for replacement of parts.

Level 2 Tuneup $135
Includes all Level 1 tuneup services plus: Includes labor to replace brake pads, brake and shift cables, clincher tubes, and grips or bar tape.



Overhaul Packages

Level 1 Overhaul $240
Includes all Level 1 and 2 Tuneup services plus: Overhaul headset, hubs, and bottom bracket(sealed or cartridge are $10 extra). Remove cables and trim housings. Remove and clean drivetrain. Minor wheel true.

Level 2 Overhaul $330
Nothing is overlooked with this package. Includes all Level 1 and 2 Tuneup  and Level 1 overhaul services plus: Strip to bare frame, hand wax entire frame and fork. Major wheel true: correct lateral, radial. centering, and tensioning errors. Includes all labor to install upgraded or replacement parts (this includes all disc brake services except for overhauling calipers or master cylinders!)


A-la-carte Services



Tube/Tire Replacement $15

Tire Replacement (Tires purchased at Belgianwerkx) $0

Tubular Tire Replacement $60

Tubular Tire Replacement (Tires purchased at Belgianwerkx) $25

Cyclocross Tubular Tire Replacement with CX Tape $90

Cyclocross Tubular Tire Replacement with CX Tape (Tires Purchased at Belgianwerkx) $50

Hub Adjustment $12

Hub Overhaul $25

Minor Wheel True $18
(Side-to-side true, spoke tension OK)

Major Wheel True $40
(Side-to-side true, radial true, correct spoke tension, correct wheel dish)

Wheel True Surcharge (if tire must be removed) $12

Spoke or Nipple Replacement (includes minor truing) $25

Spoke Replacement with Tuneup $12

Remove/Install Cassette/Freewheel $12

Freehub Body Replacement $25

Tubeless Tire and Tape Install (per wheel) $35


Wheel Building

Wheel Build Labor (per wheel) $60

Aero Wheel Surcharge (per wheel) $25

Tied and Soldered (per wheel) $25



Ultrasonic Drivetrain Clean $55

Install Crank $20

Install Chainring $12

Replace Chain $8



Adjustment (per derailleur) $8

Install Derailleur $18

Install Shifter $25 (per shifter)

Rebuild SRAM or Campy Shifter (per shifter) $35

Customize or Update Di2 Firmware $60

Install EXTERNAL Cable and Housings $10 (internal quoted by the hour)

Replace or Align Hanger $25



Adjustment (per brake) $10

Install Brake Levers $18

Install Brake Pads $15

Install Brake Cable and Housings $10

Bleed Disc Brake (per brake) $40

Install Rotor $10



Adjustment $10

Install (bare frame) $30

Replace $30

Overhaul $40

Face/ream headtube $25


Bottom brackets

Adjustment $25

Install (bare frame) $25

Replacement $30

Overhaul $35

Chase and Face Frame  $25

Remove Seized $100/hour


Bars and stems

(Prices do not include cable or housing)

Install Bars- Road $25

Install Bars- Mountain $18

Install Stem- Front Loader $7

Install Stem- Quill Style $18

Install Bar Ends $7

Install Grips $7

Wrap Road Bars $12



Install Computer/Sensors $10

Install Fenders $18

Install Rack $12

Install Training Wheels $7



Properly Build New Bike not Purchased at Belgianwerkx $150/hour

Box Bike for Shipping $50

Delivery/Pick up QUOTED

All Other Labor $100/hour

All Other Labor (customer supplied parts) $150/hour