CrossFire '19 Race Report

CrossFire '19 Race Report

Halloween and Cyclocross, a perfect marriage!

This past Saturday, October 26 was the CrossFire Race in Sun Prairie, WI, presented by L5 Racing. CrossFire is the currently designated “Halloween Race” in the WCA series and is held at Angell Park Speedway, a small town race track in Sun Prairie, WI.

This park has many topographical features that were very intelligently utilized to create a challenging course requiring skill and strength. Some of the more prominent features included the following:
Many turns on off-camber terrain with one good line that was as wide as a bike tire. Get outside of this line and watch many seconds evaporate...A pair of coffins to run or ride over, only separated by several feet and a 90 degree left turn...A severe off-camber section near the race track that could ruin your day...A run-up over concrete bleachers with giant spiders on it...Barriers with scary children throwing plastic balls at your face...And a cemetery plot with tombstone obstacles.


The Halloween Race is most enjoyable, however, because it truly displays the unique culture of cyclocross. Cyclocross is regarded as fringe, a sub-culture of devout enthusiasts who love to be weird, edgy, and expressive as well as competitive. Cyclocross can be brutally painful, and dressing up in a costume can somehow be therapeutic. The pain is just more tolerable when you look ridiculous.


It seems all too perfect for a sport like cyclocross to be highlighted by a holiday like Halloween, where cycling and bizarre can co-exist in perfect harmony. A marriage made in...Scary, Painful, Expressive, Enthusiastic, Silly, Sub-Culture Heaven. Enjoy the small sampling of photos below!




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