Gunnar Grand Disc

Availability: Special Order: Please call to confirm availabiliy prior to purchasing.
Delivery time: 5-10 weeks; lead time may vary

Disc brakes and touring bikes make a natural combination. Disc brakes dramatically improve wet braking while reducing wear and tear on rims and tires. Add these brakes to our popular Grand Tour, and touring moves to a whole new level.

The Grand Disc comes with our strongest tubesets, giving you a solid ride and confidence even with the heavy loads of unsupported touring. We designed the fit for long distance travel with long chainstays for pannier clearance. We added lots of creature features, from stainless steel double eyelet rear dropouts to rack mounts and triple water bottle bosses.

You choose:

  • Components (fork, drivetrain, brakes, wheels, cockpit)
  • Color
  • Singlespeed or geared
  • More custom features and geometry are available

For a current list of Gunnar's color options, click here. Recently archived colors are also available with a nominal fee.

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