Gunnar Gunnar Fastlane

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Delivery time: 5-10 weeks; lead time may vary

Disc brakes mean great braking in both wet and dry conditions. They also eliminate a major source of wear and tear on rims and potential overheating of tires.

We started with our proven CrossHairs steering: bigger tires get you stable steering for commuting and medium touring, while skinnier tires make steering more responsive for club rides. Our proprietary chainstay mount is elegant and light-weight, yet strong enough to withstand the forces generated by a disc brake. Plus, it doesn’t interfere with racks or fenders. Add in rack and fender mounts, clearance for 40mm tires, and there’s not a lot the Fast Lane can’t do – centuries, commuting, light touring, cyclocross – you name it. You could even build it up as a rugged city bike with a flat bar, trigger shifters, and hydraulic brakes.

You choose:

  • Components (fork, drivetrain, brakes, wheels, cockpit)
  • Color
  • Single speed or geared
  • More custom features and geometry are available

For a current list of Gunnar's color options, click here. Recently archived colors are also available with a nominal fee.

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