FMB Sprint

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We have proudly been importing FMB tubular tires from France since 2014. Many pros will agree that handmade tires offer superior ride quality over mass-made options, and that's why FMB is the top choice among professional and elite cyclocrossers worldwide.

The Sprint tread pattern is a fast file tread tire that excels in dusty, dry conditions. The Silica-treaded Sprint works especially well on icy hardpack of late season races.

Cotton sidewalls are more supple than tires with latex PRO casing, making them the best choice for rides who like a softer ride or ride at lower pressures. Cotton-cased tires are factory-sealed and thus virtually maintenance-free, so there's no need to apply messy Aquaseal.

Tires with the green Silica-based tread offers increased traction when the temperatures drop late in the season.

Low-maintenance latex PRO casing offers the best protection from sidewall cuts and tears, and prevents the tire from folding in the corners when run at lower pressures. FMB uses low-rolling resistance latex inner tubes for a forgiving ride. For a more supple tire, or if you prefer to ride at very low pressures, consider opting for cotton sidewalls.

For a more thorough look at FMB's tread patterns, compounds, and sidewall casings, head to our blog!

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