FMB Grippo S: PRO Casing, Black Tread

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Newest to the FMB family, Grippo S was first released last year. While it is decidedly a mud tire, it wouldn’t be too far of a stretch to use it as part of an all-conditions set up. This tread pattern is best suited to tackle the deep, soupy mud that’s more typical of late-season races. When comparing it side-by-side with a more aggressive tire like the Super Mud, you’ll notice that the knobs are a bit more widely spaced. While this helps optimize its mud-shedding abilities, if sloppy conditions aren’t your specialty, you may want to consider opting for the Super Mud, at least as a front tire. 

Low-maintenance latex PRO casing offers the best protection from sidewall cuts and tears, and prevents the tire from folding in the corners when run at lower pressures. FMB uses low-rolling resistance latex inner tubes for a forgiving ride. For a more supple tire, or if you prefer to ride at very low pressures, consider opting for cotton sidewalls.

For a more thorough look at FMB's tread patterns, compounds, and sidewall casings, head to our blog!

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