Let's Talk Torque

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Let's Talk Torque

You might have noticed those little markings on your bike that say something like “5-6 N.m.” This is the “Torque-Spec” of a particular bolt or screw. Manufactures are getting better about calling out the specifications by engraving or painting the Torque-Spec right on the part. It’s important to follow these call outs, as improper torque can lead to slipping, crushing, cracking, or other failures.

Torque wrenches come in many shapes and sizes. Some are measured in Newton Meters, others in Inch-Pounds, or Foot-Pounds. Some are adjustable, and some are fixed to a certain spec. It doesn’t really matter what type you use, as long as you are following the part manufacturers proper guidelines for torque. If you run into a situation where the part calls for Newton-Meters and your wrench only does Inch-Pounds; there are handy dandy online calculators to get you the conversion from metric to imperial torque!


Pictured above are a few torque wrenches we use at the shop. The giant one is not used often, but handy to have when working on cranks and other large items.


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