FMB Slalom: Cotton Casing, Black Tread

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We have proudly been importing FMB tubular tires from France since 2014. Many pros will agree that handmade tires offer superior ride quality over mass-made options, and that's why FMB is the top choice among professional and elite cyclocrossers worldwide. The Slalom tread pattern makes for an excellent all-around, all conditions tire. Its factory-sealed cotton casing sidewall is virtually maintenance-free, so there's no need to apply messy Aquaseal. Cotton sidewalls are also more supple than tires with latex PRO casing, making them the best choice for rides who like a softer ride or ride at lower pressures.


If you’re limited to one wheelset for the season, we recommend a Super Mud tire on the front paired with a Slalom on the rear for an excellent all-conditions setup. For a more thorough look at FMB's tread patterns, compounds, and sidewall casings, head to our blog!

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